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Pocket Mask Training

Pocket Mask Training
This training is not available as a stand-alone course. It is only available as an add-on to CPR or First Aid. When booking please book also either CPR or First Aid

Price $50 (additional fee)Pocket mask training is popular with those working in emergency services and security industry, and is mandatory for the police force.

It includes usage of a resuscitation mask which is a requirement for entry into the police force. We offer this add-on at any venue for any CPR or first aid course you have booked into if requested and paid the extra $50.

This course is not aligned to any nationally recognised course and it is merely an industry specific course for those requiring it

Course Inclusions

  • Pocket Mask Training added to your CPR or first aid course
  • Digital Certificate
  • One-on-One Demonstration and Assessment


This course has to be done together with either CPR or First Aid and not as a stand alone.

Assessment Methods

  • Practical demonstrations/skills observations
  • Short answer questioning

Award Issued

Upon successful completion a Statement of Completion will be issued on the day of the training (Same day Certificate).

If you are unsure how to book this course, please contact our admin team for further assistance.