AEROPLAST Premium Visual Strip 7.5 x 2.5cm Box/100


Extra Wide Strip

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The AeroPlast Premium Visual plaster is a premium latex free hypo-allergenic visual detectable plaster specifically designed for the retail food industry and non-commercial food preparation   Advanced
Film Technology Unique Vibrant Blue with Superior
Stretch and Adhesion Supabond™
Hypo-allergenic adhesive exclusively engineered
for low irritation and high adhesion SuperSorb™ Wound
Exudate Pad super absorption
reducing skin maceration Non-stick Barrier Protects Wound with a Non-Adherent Barrier
Minimising Trauma on Removal       Visually Detectable AeroPlast Premium Visual comes in a vibrant blue colour which is the only colour that does not occur naturally in food making it easily detectable.  SupaSorb™ Wound Pad An embossed wound pad provides superior wound management by draining blood or exudates into pockets in the wound pad. The Super absorbent wound pad minimises the number of dressing changes whilst protecting the wound from further injury. SupaSorb™ leaves the wound site clean and comfortable while the non-adherent film reduces the pain and site trauma when changing the dressing. SupaBond™ Adhesive SupaBond adhesive exclusively engineered for unrivalled adhesion provides a secure adhesion across the site preventing lift up or edge curling. The unique specifications of film and adhesive are key to the products reliability ensuring that no matter how wet steam-filled or hot the environment becomes this product cannot become separated from the wearer. Premium plaster backing film Aeroplast Visual is made with the ultimate in film technology providing a bacterial barrier which resists the ingress of water oil and grease. The standard plaster size is larger for even greater wound isolation. Contraindications / Precautions
Change dressing daily or more often according to the condition of the wound. As with all adhesive products apply and remove carefully from sensitive or fragile skin. Seek medical advice immediately for all serious wounds and burns. If redness or discomfort occurs discontinue use and consult a physician. This product is not a substitute for direct medical attention from a healthcare practitioner