AEROWOUND Amorphous Wound Hydrogel Tube 25g


Wound Hydrogel 25g

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AeroWound Hydrogel offers healthcare professionals a trusted choice in advanced wound management. This amorphous wound care formulation has been designed for efficient adhesion and absorption. Fortified with propylene glycol it adeptly balances moisture in the wound attracting essential hydration while effectively managing excess exudates. AeroWound supports the body’s natural autolytic debridement of devitalised tissue to promote faster wound healing. Features: Propylene Glycol Infusion: Beyond just healing AeroWound is all about creating an ideal environment for wounds. Enriched with propylene glycol it actively draws in and seals moisture even in drier wound settings. Optimal Moisture Management: While ensuring hydration AeroWound simultaneously absorbs excessive exudates maintaining the perfect moisture balance for every wound type. Autolytic Debridement Support: AeroWound doesn’t just treat the wound—it aids the body’s natural processes. It facilitates the gentle autolytic debridement of devitalised tissue clearing the way for healthier tissue regeneration. Accelerated Healing: With the removal of non-viable tissue and optimal moisture levels AeroWound sets the stage for quicker and more efficient wound healing. Safety Considerations: For external use only. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.