CUSTOM Modulator Commercial Metal Cabinet Food & Beverage Kit 24 x 42 x 15cm




The injury specific module kit now available in a tough metal cabinet! Meeting and exceeding standard workplace regulation contents in every state and territory.   The metal cabinet contains a unique layout utilising 6 colour coded modules.   Highly visual and clearly labelled softpack modules ensure fast and effective first aid application with the appropriate injury treatments.   The metal cabinet is compact and sits flushed against the wall when opened. It includes a durable metal latch that can be safety-sealed for ease of kit servicing. Brilliant for workplaces warehouses and home workshops. This kit has 6 injury specific modules to treat all common workplace injuries is colour coded for fast identification and the cabinet has a placement location sticker including re-ordering codes for each module. Ensures hassle?free servicing and easy re-stocking with individual replacement modules. Click Here to View Kits Contents